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The Story of Chocolate
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Nearly everyone who sells chocolate writes a brief history and puts it on their Web site. We decided that rather than repeat the same old stuff, we'd send you to the source (many sources in this case). After all, isn't that what the Web is all about?

Here are some of the best accounts of the Story of Chocolate, with a short review by our experts:

History of Chocolate
Part of The Field Museum's spectacular Chocolate Exhibition, we love this unusually complete history. Educators will be particularly interested in the free Resources they offer.

Bean to Bar
Produced by The Cocoa Tree this colorful Web site is chock full of wonderful pictures, information on sustainable cocoa growing and a fun timeline showing five centuries of cocoa.

The Sweet Lure of Chocolate
This extremely comprehensive Web site, sponsored by the Exploratorium, sports some fun videos and experiments along with an excellent bibliography.

For a strange, off-beat look at chocolate, check this out, but don't tell them we sent you.

Please send us an email if you find other interesting sites you think we should include in our list. And come back here from time-to-time to see what we've collected.

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