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Like wine, chocolate has finally come of age. Today, it is beginning to be appreciated for a depth and breadth of flavor that includes subtle nuances of acidity, bitterness, tartness, fruitiness, sweetness and sharpness. Characteristics influenced as much by the processing of the beans, (like the roasting and grinding), and the type of cocoa bean and bean blends as they are by the ingredients that are added to it.

The best quality chocolate is made of the highest quality beans and ingredients, with no fillers, waxes or additives. It can be expensive, but one taste will prove its worth to you.

High-quality chocolate contains a high percentage of cocoa solids. It is brown or dark brown in color, and is glossy.

Chocolate connoisseurs realize that shipping fine chocolate is much different than shipping a typical online order. Only buy chocolate from a company that takes the time of year and location of the recipient into consideration. The best chocolatiers insist on using special heat sensitive packaging to ensure the chocolate will ship perfectly. The goal in selling handmade chocolate online is for the customer to taste the chocolate exactly as the chocolatiers themselves have tasted it.

Upon receipt of gourmet chocolates purchased online, the proper storage is in an air tight container at room temperature. If kept away from humidity and temperature variations, the highest quality chocolate will last about a month.

Exceptional chocolate assortments are created by combining family recipes and the world's best ingredients, including fine Belgian dark, milk, and ivory chocolate.

Nantucket Chocolatiers create world-class chocolate masterpieces. We use only the highest quality Belgian chocolate. We use no fillers, waxes or any kind of additives.

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