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History of Nantucket Chocolatier

Family Chocolate Business Established 1981
Natives of Massachusetts and lovers of fine food, the sea spirit, and the island lifestyle, the Nantucket Chocolatier, John West and his wife Kathy, founded their family chocolate company in 1981. Their passion was to provide the best chocolates to Nantucket, reflecting the Island's distinctive quality. They brought together food, retail, travel, and corporate experiences, with creativity and style, and formed Sweet Inspirations of Nantucket. John and Kathy’s fine gift chocolates were introduced in their Clipper Ship logo gift box. The magnificent American Clipper Ships from the Golden Age of Sail and Nantucket Island are inspirational symbols of distinctive excellence. Soon, Sweet Inspirations of Nantucket was recognized by both Islanders and visitors, as quality chocolatiers and a year round source for unique, all occasion, quality gifts.

Year Round Shoppe and Delivery Services
Soon after their introduction in 1981, Sweet Inspirations’ distinctive gift chocolates were being given on Island and off and mail order became a growing aspect of John and Kathy's business. During the Christmas Holidays, Sweet Inspirations' Chocolate Shoppe’s late work nights and festive environment created a reputation as being Santa's workshop as holiday gifts were carefully prepared by the hardworking elves for the pleasure of the on islanders and gift shipments to off island friends and families both near and far. Today, the Nantucket Chocolatier convenient pocket gift guide and this website are helpful year round shopping aids for their customer’s all occasion gift giving needs.

Limitless Sources of Inspiration
The nature, history and art of the Island, its coastal environment, maritime traditions, locals, international visitors, employees, personal heritage, and world travel, were, and continue to be, great sources of creative inspiration. Examples include, John's award winning Cranberry Cheesecake Truffle. This extraordinary confection was developed in the 1980's when Nantucket Island's renowned cranberry bogs were producing and harvesting at their peak. An innovative recipe, it has become a tradition enjoyed by many customers year round as well as the inspirational autumn harvest season.

Also, Kathy's use of Nantucket style gift baskets to present the fine chocolates has now become recognized as Nantucket signature gifts of quality. And, the exclusive, limited edition, collectible tins created from commissioned art by Nantucket Artist Barbara Capizzo makes the presentation of their chocolates unique and true inspirations from Nantucket.

A Happy International Staff
For over two decades Sweet Inspirations developed not only an international customer base, but also an inspiring, ever changing, international mix of smiling employees, from Ireland to New Zealand, England to Jamaica. John and Kathy always considered their diverse staff of Island locals and far "off Islanders" as extended family. Most of the seasonal staff eventually travels on, and some return home to remain long distant, good, loyal friends. However, some of the very special seasonal staff return and became career members of the family business. One Nantucket employee, Mary, now of Bantry Bay, Ireland continues her connection with us as a excellent source of continued inspiration and a recruiter of the best possible seasonal Irish students.

Global Influence
World travel is an important personal and professional special interest of John and Kathy. Their adventures and experiences contribute new inspirations and global understandings that assist in the creative process of gift products to satisfy the simple, but sophisticated, gift needs of their international customers. They have been inspired by visits throughout the U.S. and around the world, from Nantucket to Hawaii, Vancouver to New Orleans, from France, Belgium, England, Ireland, to Thailand, and islands from Bermuda to throughout the Caribbean, and Southeast Asia. Results of their varied travels are evidenced in the diverse ingredients used in their recipes, cosmopolitan packaging style, and a universal welcome friendly hospitality.

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